Hayleys Lighting launched a booklet titled“SaveElectricity, Save Money” which features tips on how to cut costs on electricity. The launch took  place at a press conference held at MihilakaMedura-BMICH on the 28th of January 2014. This booklet is a social responsible initiative to inculcate prudent electricity usage habits amongst the public. The booklet lists out ways in which daily routine work can be done smarter that would result in conservation of energy and savings. The booklet was officially presented by Mr. Mohan Pandithage, Chairman of Hayleys PLC to Mr.Upali DaranagamaAdditional Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy who was the first recipient at the launch conference setting the stage for this  educative initiative in building a sustainable and a greener future. Saving is  an important part of life. From ancient times of agrarian society the  prudent, the wise, the progressive people were those who saved. This  holds true today in an environment of escalating costs.


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