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Hayleys Lighting recognizes this fact and have partnered with Philips Lighting to provide total lighting solutions. We offer total lighting solutions from design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of projects

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SAVE ELECTRICITY, SAVE MONEY booklet aims to give you simple and easy tips to cut costs on your electricity bill, from lighting to proper usage of electrical appliances. Make a positive impact on the nation, the environment and your finances.

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We know that the world needs more light – but how this becomes reality is still very much undetermined. What we do know is that we want to be a part of it. The Future of Light is a place to explore global trends that are shaping innovation in lighting.

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List of major projects completed.

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This public awareness initiative has been done in collaboration with Philips Lighting. Philips is a global brand that has been committed to consumer centric and green technologies which have resulted in meaningful and innovative technologies that help people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life.
Therefore the public has the right to correct information, and has the right to decide wisely.

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Bright Booster Technology

Double UV Protection

Protect the Environment

Brighter Life Smarter Choice

Saves more than 80% electricity

Rust proof Aluminium top

Easily fits into modern light fittings

Hayleys Lighting Range


Household Incandescent Light Bulb (4-Pack) provide a soft, white light for a pleasant atmosphere Read more..


Provide a soft, warm, energy efficient light, with very long life and reduced operating costs. Read more…

Tube Light

Pleasant light in several color temperatures with long life, low mercury and energy savings Read more…


Philips LED light bulbs provide comfortable warm white light, enhancing your home’s atmosphere Read more…