About us

We have been marketing the complete range of Philips lighting since 1983 as their sole agent in Sri Lanka, having started off with the incandescent and the fluorescent, we launched the Philips CFL’s in 1992 since then we expanded the range of CFL’s to cater to the needs of the country. In 1994 we were part of the CEB’s pilot project to launch CFL’s in the country and was a preferred supplier to the CEB on their drive to popularize energy efficient lighting to the households under their loan scheme. Over the years we have launched many technologically advanced products to give the Sri Lankan consumer more efficient and safer lighting solutions with our key focus being on environment and safety.

As the No1 lighting brand in the world, Philips markets the safest products, since its prime objective is to conserve energy while safeguarding the environment to ensure a sustainable and greener future.

To safeguard our environment we also take measures to collect all used CFL’s in order to extract the mercury for recycling thus, making sure the environment is not harmed in any way. We are happy that we associate ourselves with a company that has concern for the environment and consumers. Today Philips markets the safest lighting products/solutions in this country which is endorsed with independent international certifications to prove its superiority.