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“Bright ideas on saving electricity” – a public awareness initiative from Hayleys Lighting

14 Mar 2014 Published on Thursday, 14 November 2013 07:36

Ligting plays a vital role in the quality of life as it affects productivity, emotion, sight and well most of our days are spent indoorrs under artificial times we spend as much as 8-15 hours under artificial lighting.this is especially experienced at work places, apartments and condominiums which generally require artificial lighting the entire daytime, this can have negative impact especially if the lighting conditions are not adequate or do not meet the standards specified by the industry for safe usage.based on these concerns Hayleys Lighting launched its new Philips Lighting promotional campaign as a means to draw the public’s awareness to the safety aspect of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) usage.

“Today, with the escalating cost of electricity and cost of living people are looking for means of cutting down costs and consumption and often compromises on quality and safety for cost saving. Whilst saving is paramount, safety and protection to life and limb needs to be given equal or more consideration due to its impact. The effects on health and wellbeing have far more reaching consequences than saving. It is for this reason that we took this approach with our new campaign. Philips is a brand that leads consumer centric innovation and carries the highest standards in product safety” said Rahaman Zubair Chief Executive Officer of Hayleys Lighting.

Therefore the public has the right to correct information, and has the right to decide wisely.

The main safety factor to be considered is UV radiation that is emitted by the CFLs. Should the CFL bulb’s phosphor coating be faulty in standard there could be a risk of UV radiation exposure to the user. This is further compounded by the fact that the permitted Exposure time (PET) to a CFL is 8 hours at a stretch.Very often people spend more than 8 hours under artificial light which most often is provided by CFL.

Philips CFL surpasses this industry standard to give a 24 hour permitted exposure time. The ability to give this extended time arises from the superior technology of PHILIPs. Philips CFLs use two protective layers namely the brand uses Cerium glass and secondly it uses the smallest phosphor grain for the glass coating negating any harmful UV radiation escaping the bulb. Philips CFLs also use the latest bright booster technology that ensures more than 80% savings and offers long lasting consistent light throughout the lifetime of the product. Philips CFLs are environmentally friendly due to the lowest mercury content and recycling of mercury and has been certified by Planet ark as being environmentally friendly. Philips initiated and maintained the use of low mercury for its CFLs since 2007.

Hayleys Lighting Philips CFL’s Superior technology

11 Mar 2014 Published on Thursday, 14 November 2013 07:36

  1. Hayleys Lighting launched a booklet titled“Save Electricity, Save Money” which features tips on how to cut costs on electricity. The launch took  place at a press conference held at MihilakaMedura-BMICH on the 28th of January 2014. This booklet is a social responsible initiative to inculcate prudent electricity usage habits amongst the public. The booklet lists out ways in which daily routine work can be done smarter that would result in conservation of energy and savings. The booklet was officially presented by Mr. Mohan Pandithage, Chairman of Hayleys PLC to Mr.Upali Daranagama, Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy who was the first recipient at the launch conference setting the stage for this  educative initiative in building a sustainable and a greener future. Saving is  an important part of life. From ancient times of agrarian society the  prudent, the wise, the progressive people were those who saved. This  holds true today in an environment of escalating costs.