Our Project projects

Ceylinco Life Head Office at Havelock Park.

We were approached to provide an energy saving lighting solution for the new HQ of Ceylinco Life Insurance.The solution required illuminating the entire 65,000 sq. feet of building which included work spaces, auditorium, and outdoor lighting. The entire project used PLL energy saving bulbs along with contemporary fixtures that added to the lighting ambience.

Durdens Hospital – Colpetty

This new 12 storied building housing modern medical technology and care necessitated a state of art lighting solution to support the working environment of the hospital. The lighting solution provided illumination for the public areas of the hospital, rooms and specialized general lighting for the operating theaters.

Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium

In professional cricket, lighting plays a huge role in enabling the players to perform their best while enhancing the viewing experience of the spectators. Hayleys Lighting partnered with Philips to provide the flood lighting system for the magnificent stadium.

Tunnel Lighting – Highway

A lighting solution for Southern Highways was provided using weather proof IP 65 rating fixtures