Hayleys Lighting educates the general public of Ampara on Energy Saving Measures Today, with the escalating cost of electricity and cost of living people are looking for means of

cutting down costs and consumption and often compromises on quality for cost saving. Whilst saving is paramount, safety and protection to life and limb needs to be given equal or more consideration due to its impact.Philips Lighting products have won many international awards for design, performance excellence and positive impact on the environment; the most recent award being the US Department of Energy – Bright tomorrow Lighting prize or L prize for the 60 watt replacement bulb category which was released on 2012 Earth day. Thus Sri Lankan’s can now enjoy the benefits of energy saving and hazard free lighting technology with a world renowned brand that trail blazes ahead of competition

Hayleys Lighting being the sole distributor for Philips Lighting have been continuously educating the general public on how they can effectively reduce the cost on electricity and how using Philips lamps could help they achieve grater savings. We took yet another step in contributing towards this endeavor by performing a town blitz in Ampara to educate and distribute the “Save Electricity, Save Money” booklet which features tips on how to cut costs on electricity. Further we visited the outlets in Ampara to check availability and to promote our products. This successful social responsible initiative taken by Hayleys Lighting to inculcate prudent electricity usage habits amongst the public and thus was appreciated by the residence in Ampara. Hence considering this as a stepping stone; in future we will be continuing to conduct town blitz islandwide.