Hayleys Lighting educates the general public in Kandy on Energy Saving Measures 

Saving is an important part of life. From ancient times of agrarian society the prudent, the wise, the

progressive people were those who saved. This holds true today in an environment of escalating costs. The increased electricity tariff of the recent past has become an important area that demands saving. An almost impossible task, yet if one is smart there are ways to get great savings in this area.

Philips is a global brand that has been committed to consumer centric and green technologies which have resulted in meaningful and innovative technologies that help people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life. Hayleys’ association with this global brand has been since 1983 and Philips together with Hayleys has always been mindful of sustainability and social responsibility.

In order to celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th June 2014, we at Hayleys Electronics Lighting (Pvt) Ltd took yet another step in contributing towards this endeavor by performing a town blitz in Kandy to educate and distribute the “Save Electricity, Save Money” booklet which features tips on how to cut costs on electricity. This booklet was distributed to employees of HSBC, Commercial Bank, Sampath Bank & the Kandy Divisional secretarial. The overall effort was a successful social responsible initiative taken by Hayleys Lighting to inculcate prudent electricity usage habits amongst the public and thus was appreciated by the corporates in Kandy.